Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Back (plus Yeah - We're Angry)

I've had a nasty cold for the past three weeks or so, and the last week or so all I could do was rest. So the blog's been a little quiet. But I'm feeling much better.

To get things rolling again, I'd like to share a blog post from Greta Christina.

Since starting this blog a few short weeks ago, I've talked a few times about how we atheists are labeled all sorts of things by believers - militant, vicious, aggressive. These adjectives, as I've pointed out, are all generally pseudonyms for "outspoken". There is a general panic among believers that atheists are becoming more outspoken, and that we're well on our way to crashing their party.

Another term often used to describe atheists is "angry". Believers like to think that all we do is sit in our basements all day and think about ways to lash out at them - in angry sorts of ways. "Why are you all so angry?" they ask us.

Of all the adjectives heaped on atheists, "angry" is actually not entirely untrue. With that, I give you a primer on atheist anger.

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