Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prayin' for Rain

I guess you could file this under "Can't Hurt!", but Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue is leading a prayer vigil today with the hope of attracting rain to the drought-engulfed South.

As an atheist, I don't especially care if an elected official wants to engage is the Christian equivalent of a Hopi rain dance. (Actually, the only thing I worry about is if it actually rains, people will believe that God did it!)

What makes me sad is that the Governor does not seem to be particularly interested in investigating what the cause of the drought might be. Maybe...global warming?

Global warming is the real deal, people. It's gotten a bit if a black eye now again because any time there is a disastrous weather event (i.e. Hurricane Katrina) there are those who jump the gun and say we're going to lose a major city every year to hurricanes. But you have to admit, the weather has been a little screwy the past few years. Big insurance companies have figured this out. When will politicians?

My message to Sonny Purdue - stop wasting time praying under your taxpayer-funded salary and start researching some concrete solutions.

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